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Screen-printed, DIY, hand made book !

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What is « Metamorphosis » ?

It is the non-sense

the unfinished

the endless.

Metamorphosis is the fundamental movement : everything changing all the times.

It is the perpetual movement of matters.

Nothing is still, nothing is done, nothing is achieved.

It is infinite possibilities.

Not only animals, but also vegetables & minerals. Cycles of love & oblivion. Mad cycles.

Of course, it inspired Kafka and maybe the greatest known writer, Ovid. As well as Escher & so many others, and now it's up to us to deal with it !

With : Wonder Barbee / Trefex / Kevin Seven / Indignada Jones / Ania Pawlik / Joe Furlong / Vesna Parchet / Thadé / Alma / Camden McDonald / Shihoko / Jude Kendall / Enrico Cornuda / Sam / Illustre Feccia / Anjel / Isra DP. / Alvaro Maccioni / Andrew / Niccolo / Rodolphe Gauthier


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Screen-printed, DIY, hand made book !